Clinical Informatics | Data Concierge Support

The PCF Biomedical Informatics Team implements new technologies to acquire, represent, and process pediatric health data.

PCF Biomedical Informatics Data Concierge Support

Provide data for hypothesis generation and research projects.

Assistance with database development, data management and processing.

Provide statistical analysis for research projects.

Provide education to faculty and staff to assist with data needs and IRB requirements.

Gryphon is a pediatric data warehouse providing a comprehensive software and methodological framework to allow clinical researchers to accelerate the translation of research and "traditional" clinical findings into novel diagnostics, prognostics, and therapeutics. The organizational and software infrastructure (i2b2) allows basic researchers to leverage insights arising from clinical studies.

REDCap is a mature, secure web application for building and managing online surveys and databases. The PCF team can assist you with your projects using REDCap or other university supported databases.

PEDSnet is a national, pediatric-specific learning health system (LHS) composed of EMR data from multi-institutional clinical data research network (CDRN). The PEDSnet CDRN includes eight of the nation's largest children's hospital health systems. Researchers can utilize this tool to collaborate with other investigators and conduct research across multiple institutions.

PHIS (Pediatric Health Information System) is a comparative pediatric database that includes clinical and resource utilization data from 45 children's hospitals.

BedMaster stores high-resolution waveforms, vital signs and alarm data from the Philips monitors in the ICUs at St. Louis Children's Hospital. These granular data can be made available for research or clinical use.

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